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Good Morning September 1

Coming into the fall season the baseball pennant race is heating up. The football season is getting under way. Team members are demonstrating how much effort must go into their sport in order to be successful. 172 more words

Good Morning

Life as a intern

After a successful internship at a TV company in my homecity, I decided to take on another one. The first one was only 3 months long and unpaid. 152 more words


Searching truth

How beautiful is death; complete and pure like blue
And to add an ornament
What can be better than the death for truth

You can say nothing can be beautiful more than death, and also ugliest… 232 more words


A great book

I want to write a book
A great book
He sought the secret
There wasn’t a secret
I would live that book
He gave a delight look… 34 more words


One Chance

Enveloped by the night – I lay

Cosseted by dreams – I pray

Wake and strive – they say

Effort will pay off – it may… 21 more words


Are we praising our children too much?

This is an era of showcase parenting.

“My child writes poetry at eight.”

“Mine reads biographies at ten.”

“ Mine learnt how to play the piano at six.” … 847 more words


friends.. ha ha

Lately I’ve had a great deal of trouble trusting people, yep even my nearest and dearest. Trust is rare and in the words of Lady Gaga and Beyonce… 332 more words