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Pains and gains

Being a great writer was never going to be possible, my life has been too stress-free. Songwriter, artist, these were also out of the question. How could I achieve greatness in these fields if I had nothing to rebel or get angry at. 287 more words


I couldn't say him thanks

1999, Summer.

I missed my bus for my home town Agra. But it wasn’t the worst. I left my bag in that bus. In that bag, I had my wallet and mobile phones. 2,359 more words


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Break-up and afterwards

All dreams are yours and also desires
I just want a wish to hire
But dreams are faded and expectations gone
Just a sometimes back, someone called me liar… 155 more words


How do you smile?

Few drops of coincident and rest a rusted fate
Pirated desires and my confession so fake
All was my fault and none was mine
All they said and none I… 222 more words


Hundred Haikus | Thirty Four

We are hurricanes
clashing and shaking Earth. No
part of us is small.

I’m sitting here thinking about everything that I’m doing with my life… and I realize that no part of me and my effort is small. 44 more words