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I have been thinking a lot about how I could use my time more efficiently; at work and at home. As a list maker, I am aware of things I want or need to accomplish, so then why is it that tasks are left being undone? 307 more words


Tunnel Vision - A Salespersons Secret Weapon

As the internet-of-everything continues to grow, and social media becomes more robust with each passing day, professionals in every industry are forced to embrace the art of multitasking. 516 more words


How to Solve Big Problems for Small Businesses: Part 3

“One of the unsung heroes of our workforce is the business owner — who wears many hats and may fore go time-off and compensation in order to make sure customers are served, employees are paid and their families are taken care of.”  146 more words

BMW Efficiency F8X M3 Diffuser Installation By IND by Auto Blog Via

In a big influx of potentially interesting aftermarket builds, we have a somewhat down to earth project to show you. It involves IND Distibution and BMW Performance parts, together with a BMW M3.  38 more words

Controlling lost time

How do you control time wasted on people who fail appointments or cancel with late notice?

If you want to get the problem under control then you must treat failures and late cancellations seriously. 255 more words

Dr Mark Hassed

My trek into minimalist travel: the bag

My trek into minimalist traveling has me at  the first major cross roads: pulling the trigger on a new bag.

I laid out why I am doing this… 160 more words