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Socially, Face to face communication is the most difficult situation, people face. Even with the growing social media and more people’s proclivity to this virtual world that has rendered an aggravation in socialization practice. 820 more words

Communication Styles

當進行學術期刊同行評審時,什麼是我應該考慮的倫理問題? / 如何為我的研究結果選擇最佳的研究主題以出版? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 9/2/2014

*當進行學術期刊同行評審時,什麼是我應該考慮的倫理問題?(PART A)
*如何為我的研究結果選擇最佳的研究主題以出版?(PART B)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (226) How To Read Science News
*避免過度使用It 及 There開頭句(英文編修訓練) (3 / 11) 284 more words

Wordpress Stats PowerPoint Template

Have you ever found yourself needing to show your WordPress statistics in a presentation?  Well the easiest option is of course simply to print screen the statistics page.   56 more words

Effective Communication

Social Intelligence 101

I wish I got my name spelled correctly even once @ my favorite coffee shop :S

Every time I go there I get a new name: Mali, Maly, Molly, Marley, and most recently (as captured in the picture) Miley! 798 more words

Adaptability And Growth

How to create unique square pie charts

Pie charts are notoriously difficult to read.  That being said, I still see plenty out there.  Since I’m not a fan, I tend to replace them with bullet charts, thermometers etc.   1,253 more words

Effective Communication

Comparing Leadership to Driving - Interesting

I read an article a few days ago comparing leadership to driving.  As I read the article it began to make some sense.  In leadership you start out with a need, a purpose, or a mission.  892 more words


Sometimes, it's all you can do to stay in the light

Sometimes, it’s all you can do to stay in the light.

There are a lot of challenges to staying positive and feeling grateful.

  • Unexpected shortfalls,
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