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Smoking in the Dark

$75 for a 16 x 20 print on archival paper, including shipping to a continental U.S. address.

Change is acomming

Eerie silence fills the air

the day has come for change

My choice, my change

The last day day has come

My comfort blanket of a job has stopped… 77 more words

Haiku 32

Dark room,
Light footsteps,
She heavily breathes

In Memory of Whitey Ford - Part Six - Phantasia

     A monstrous and horrific dragon broke loose from the Infernal Regions, and spewed its raining fire with reckless abandon: there was not a single corner of San Diego County that was safe from its merciless rampage. 523 more words

Outback Adventures

Ghost Towns: Post-Olympics, Sochi Already Looks Like an Eerie 'Wasteland'

Tuesday, August 26, 2014, by Lily di Costanzo

Photo via Gizmodo
Here’;s a thought: the next Olympic town should skip the whole international games bit and just build ruin porn straight-away. 16 more words

Spoken Word

Written for the Sunday Whirl, Wordle #175

words:  rickety, cliff stutter, longing, bones, sustain, rift, cart, language, flight, baffles, absence

Stuttering language of longing
spoken in rickety rifts, 37 more words

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