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Edmonton councillors re-ignite fire pit debate

The burning issue of backyard fire pits will return to city council this fall, as two councillors have asked for some information about the issue. 291 more words


Edmonton's Whyte Avenue lights getting turned back on

The lights will soon be much brighter there, if you want to forget all your troubles, forget all your cares.

Whyte Avenue, where many of the lit boulevard trees have lost their glow in recent years, is seeing work from the Old Strathcona Business Association and the city to turn them back on. 260 more words


No new Edmonton zoning bylaws for medical marijuana production

Unlike many other cities, Edmonton isn’t planning special zoning laws for medical marijuana facilities.

Livia Balone, the city’s director of development and zoning services, said they saw no reason to zone facilities for growing medical marijuana any differently than other industries. 78 more words


Edmonton's Walterdale Bridge preservation plan deserves a fair review

City Councillor Michael Oshry and his colleagues had just returned from summer break and things were already getting exciting. He’d received a plan from renowned local architect Gene Dub—who most recently pieced together the former Alberta Hotel brick by brick after decades in storage—to save and repurpose one-third of the Walterdale Bridge as a glass-encased cafe. 507 more words


Rideshare app Uber meets with Edmonton officials on taxi bylaws

Representatives with the rideshare app Uber met with city officials Thursday, as the controversial company explores expansion into Edmonton.

Garry Dziwenka, the city’s director of licensing, confirmed city officials met with the company for the first time on Thursday, but said it was in the preliminary stages. 363 more words


Edmonton moving to higher standards for crosswalks

Edmonton streets could become a little safer for pedestrians under new guidelines that aim to take a less by the numbers approach to crosswalks.

City councillors got an update on the transportation department’s plan surrounding pedestrian crossings on Wednesday. 426 more words


City looking at increasing pedestrian safety in Edmonton

Watch above: Is the city doing enough to protect its pedestrians? One councillor doesn’t think so. Kendra Slugoski has more on what changes may be in store to increase pedestrian safety in Edmonton. 345 more words