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Profile: Kari Welch

Mom, Actress, and Montessori enthusiast


Ryan Phelps

Sept. 3, 2014


Being on a stage isn’t always about fame. In fact, for Kari Welch, 44, it’s about feeling at home. 989 more words


One of my favourite fashion shots so far this year, from an editorial I shot for Remark Magazine.

Check out my fashion/portrait photography and retouching course here… 54 more words

Fashioning the Intangible

Hope you enjoy this post! Decided to play with InDesign and have a little fun with editorial layouts and graphics. I’d love to hear some feedbacks, or leave a comment!



Competitive Programming CompFest 2014: Finalists and Short Editorial

Tanggal 30 dan 31 Agustus 2014 lalu telah dilaksanakan babak penyisihan Competitive Programming CompFest 2014. Tanggal 30 untuk tingkat SMA dan tanggal 31 untuk tingkat Mahasiswa. 789 more words


Dimulai Dulu, Kualitas akan Mengikuti Seiring Waktu

Indonesia saat ini masih banyak ketinggalan dari negara-negara lain di berbagai sisi. Dari industri yang saya geluti, industri IT dan kreatif, kita bisa dibilang masih jauh di belakang. 678 more words


Who is this guy ???

OK I might have slept alot in the Army but If I do say so even on my drunkest of days I  knew where to wear my medals, ribbons, and badges. AR 670-1


Minzy is Turning Heads With Her New Pink 'do and Chic Style

2NE1‘s Minzy has been turning heads lately, not only with her pink ‘do, but also for her new, feminine style. One particular post on Nate under the title, “The amazing Minzy who is not the Minzy I used to know,” is gaining interest as it features pictures of Minzy’s sophisticated look at the Incheon International Airport on August 29th. 79 more words