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Without Less day seventy-nine

It was an okay day at the Cafe Trieste Annex Store today day three until… Though it began with a small problem to solve and it was solved. 345 more words

Caffe Trieste Annex Store

watch what you say old lady

Right now I feel numb and my parents were telling me that I “looked like I was in a daze”, so I’m writing for the sole purpose to feel. 438 more words

two weeks

two weeks. i have exactly two weeks before i go back to school in england.

one week to show my mom that i have and can improve or she won’t let me go back. 447 more words

Dinner at my dads house with my stepmom, dad and 2 younger half siblings (they’re 14). That was interesting.

I ate – a piece of chicken Parmesan, some salad (aka lettuce), water. 38 more words

Don't judge a book by its cover, please

“I am embarrassed. I am too fat to have eating disorder!!”

Do you have to be paper thin to be diagnosed as an eating disorder patient? 227 more words


The Uphill Struggle

Recovery from any mental illness is extremely difficult, but in the case of eating disorders, it can be especially challenging. This is because of the way the disorder functions. 720 more words

Food Aversion

Everyone has food aversions. Something you don’t like or maybe had a bad experience with. But what if you have an aversion to food as a whole? 621 more words