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Are your green and blue bins showing the worst for wear???

Is you green or blue bin broken or on it’s “last legs”?

Replacement Bins: Blue and Green Bins are available

Location: Waste Management Centre: 4600 Garrad Rd. 46 more words

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Has Bottled Water Gone Too Far?

Bottled water, revealed by an article from Mother Jones, comes from either springs, or regular tap water. Companies then package it and ship it to stores, where consumers seem to prefer it over what they get from their own taps. 228 more words

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Another Oil Spill to Add to the Pile

On Monday, Duke Energy joined the growing list of corporations to grossly contaminate nearby waterways this month. 5000-8000 gallons of diesel was spilled into the Ohio River in the thirty odd minutes before the company noticed an overflow valve was accidentally open. 16 more words

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One Step Forward for Ford


Yesterday CBS Detroit reported on Fords plans to build a large solar array in the Ford Headquarters with help from DTE. It will provide 360 parking spaces with 30 charging stations for electric vehicles underneath a solar canopy which will provide 1.038 megawatts of energy! 24 more words

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Drilling Fine Forgotten

Climate Progress reports that American drilling company’s fine for dumping drilling waste still goes unpaid after two years. The dumping is horrific enough, yet the authorities after taking appropriate action failed to see it fulfilled. 46 more words

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Have A Break - Have A ... Fruit?!


When you are out and about and in need for a snack, vending machines are often the most convenient option. Once you get there, though, all intentions about eating healthy go flying out of the window when faced with the choice between chocolate bars, chips and possibly peanut butter pretzels. 821 more words

Consumption Habits

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An article from a great blog we already follow, Food Policy for Thought, tells of a new wave in on-the-go snacking. The Mackay family has created vending machines filled with bananas, and apples, among others,  instead of mars bars and skittles. The daunting task of keeping fruit fresh has successfully been surmounted, and leaves no excuse for the use of preservatives in snack foods! Hopefully these "FruitBar's" will make their way to Canada soon!