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Day 26, 339 More to Go!

Today’s blog is going to be a short one because I’m about to head out to go back to FanExpo. Yesterday was a good eating day and I’m pretty proud of myself considering I went out for sushi with people before going to the con. 201 more words

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8 Fitness Experts Share the Best Advice They've Ever Received

Having a hard time eating right and getting yourself to the gym? You aren’t alone, motivation can be tough. Sometimes, some words of inspiration are all we need to get on the right track. 789 more words


Healthy and Portable Snacks

Healthy and portable? That can be hard sometimes. There are a lot of snack foods out there. And even though they are very portable, very few are actually healthy. 36 more words

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Are You Eating ENOUGH?

Myth #53472910 — you have to cut calories to lose weight. Errrr WRONG! Calories are units of energy. The more energy (aka calories) your body has the more successful it is at burning fat… *DO eat lots of GOOD, WHOLE FOODS with the right combination of carbs, fats, and proteins. 149 more words

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River Rejuvenation

I just got back from the most amazing river trip. Living in San Diego, one of the easy vacations to take is a quick trip to the Colorado River in Arizona. 713 more words

Does Mush Make Your Mouth Water?

Last month my husband Tracy and I spent two weeks in Swaziland, Africa.  Our oldest daughter Sara joined us, and our precious friend Jubilee Yocum, missionary to Mozambique, Africa, met us there. 1,312 more words

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Some healthy cooking!

As some health experts say, weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% eating right. So instead of grabbing some take out on my way home from work, I decided to hit the grocery store and do some home cooking! 230 more words

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