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Dietician Advice

So she’s telling me I should eat between 1800-2200 calories. SAY WHAT?!

Three serves of dairy, 6 serves of carbs, unlimited fruit. A palm size of meat, and veggies. 512 more words

Day 14

Weigh in triggered a mix of emotions. I lost 100g, which means that, since starting recovery, I’ve lost 300g. It also means that I need to increase, which really scares me. 490 more words

Beat Anorexia

The day He almost took me.

I know this may sound ridiculous, but I do feel as though I had a brush with God one day at the height of my eating disorder. 948 more words


Lord of my life, the clingy bastard

Having an eating disorder is like being in an abusive relationship. Some days everything is fine, but then you want to be left alone for a bit so you can enjoy your fucking bread in peace, it and won’t leave you be for ten minutes. 96 more words

Lettuce talk about orthorexia

A like a good tossed salad as much as the next gal. When does what you do in the privacy of your own kitchen go too far? 1,058 more words


Eating disorder movies. Triggering or educational?

  So since this blog is about being honest I would be lying if I said things were just peachy keen lately. My mind has been going insane with eating disorder thoughts, but I am trying my hardest not to give in. 393 more words


Whole 30... Starts now! Plus some eating disorder history...

This is a long one, so sorry! But I think it is important for people reading my blogs to know about my background.

I am a… 435 more words