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Better Than Takeout Beef & Broccoli

Better Than Takeout Beef & Broccoli

Hi my lovelies!

I have had my share of cheap, delicious, questionable ingredients, Chinese take-out. In college that was my ultimate hang over remedy. 437 more words

Labor Day Meal Ideas

Labor Day is one of my favorite weekends.  It’s still summer, but also marks that transition into fall, which is my absolute favorite season.  It’s a great time to enjoy family and friends, in some fabulous weather and get the chance to relax.   299 more words


Balsamic Turkey Salad

This recipe is so easy. No, for real. It’s so easy that I’m kind of embarrassed to put it on here.

But if your life is even slightly as crazy as mine, easy is one of your favorite words. 146 more words

Barely Cooking: Chicken and Kale with Peanut Sauce

Welcome to Barely Cooking, where I tackle one real recipe a week(ish) in an effort to eat healthier and expand my skills in the kitchen, which are relatively non-existent. 797 more words


Kale, Banana, and Almond Milk Delight

Whenever I look up recipes online, unless I type in “simple” or “easy” I always find a long list of specific ingredients listed. I would end up spending lots of money for specific ingredients, time prepping everything, and hovering over the blender or stove only to feel let down at the end. 112 more words


Chicken Feta Orzo Salad

When you’re a broke college student, pasta is a God-send. You can make it a thousand ways, make it healthy (or as caloric as you want), put whatever you feel like in it, and it always seems to make enough to eat off of for at least three days. 494 more words


Cooking with quinoa

The first time I heard about the health benefits of quinoa I went out and purchased some to replace rice at my next meal. I couldn’t understand why it turned out all mushy and basically tasted like baby food, but with zero flavour. 409 more words