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Earwig explosion!

This year we have had a huge earwig population boom.  They attacked my hollyhocks something awful and I’m going to have to figure out how to decrease their numbers for next year when we actually start planting the garden.   239 more words

Gove is gone, but surprise inspections are here to stay

Big news can strike at any time. Whether it’s a certain cabinet reshuffle that has Britain’s teachers dancing in the street … or less joyful news, such as “Ofsted are here!” 199 more words

Decode that school report

It’s that time of year again – the school reports are out. Cue much Facebook boasting, including verbatim accounts of the teachers’ comments.

Mumsnet has posted the Mumsnet Report Codebreaker, as compiled by professional educators and semi-professional readers and archivists of these precious documents – loving and, it turns out, slightly gullible parents. 297 more words

Horrible earwig

In my dream i picked up something and saw a massive earwig. Instead of the normal little pincers, this earwig was the queen and had massive weird reindeer like horns coming out of her. 22 more words


don't bug me

mid-summer evening

pulling weeds in my garden

mosquitoes singing


grandma, what is it?

fireflies, my little bright one.

oh look — I catched it! 16 more words