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Best Quality #1

One of Starbucks Jack’s best qualities is his left ear.  Ask him to and he’ll show it, you know it.  Or just wait until he turns, whichever. 68 more words

Best Quality #1

Tequila poem, also the work in progress

I got Tequila in my ear,

It gave me goose bumps.

(so far, so good!)

I got Tequila in my rear…


I got Tequila in my ear, 84 more words


Eye: a hole in density, that allows the world entrance, hence the eye of a needle, the eye of a storm, and the paired body parts, the eye and the ear. 30 more words


Razer Letherette Ear Cushion

Ready Razer Letherette Ear Cushion

Can be used for Orca, Carcharias, Megalodon, Kraken, Kraken Pro, Kraken 7.1, Kraken E-Panda, Kraken Neon, Kraken Pro Neon.

Harga = 185rb… 14 more words

Wall Post

Wallpaper of The Week: Shia Flatpaddy x Mia Flatpaddy

I have featured them in the Picture of The Day post, but it’s time to present them as the Wallpaper of The Week for this week. 31 more words