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Choices We Ignore That Our Leaders Cannot (And We Pay Their Prices)

Europe is quietly (so far as U.S. news reports are concerned) declining to improve economically. It remains Stuck   in its Greatest Depression and can no more find its way out than can the U.S. 675 more words


Chipmaker Qualcomm May Face EU Antitrust Probe

Qualcomm, the world’s No. 1 mobile chipmaker, may face a European antitrust investigation in relation to a four-year-old complaint by a subsidiary of rival Nvidia Corp, three people familiar with the matter said on Tuesday. 253 more words


Europe’s Economic Woes Require a Japanese Solution

No policymaker, anywhere in the world, wants his or her national economy to be compared to Japan’s. That’s because the Japanese economy, though still the world’s third-largest, has become a sad case-study in the long-term damage that can be inflicted by a financial crisis. 902 more words


They’re GOVing it not!

Uff! It’s paramount. Giving a wrong name for a useful thing can make the type of happy chaos that nobody wants to admit. 205 more words


The Big Debate - Round 2 - E.U

Brussels, how I long for thee

With sways and body blows accumulating we come to the always controversial subject of the E.U. The British Government have the unenviable task of simultaneously having to show to the Farageians that they want out of the E.U whilst making the argument that it would be disastrous for Scotland to be out of the E.U for any length of time. 810 more words

Over 27,000 Russian Tourists Are Stranded as E.U. Sanctions Take Effect

Over 27,000 Russian tourists have been left stranded abroad after the collapse of Russian tour operator Labirint. The firm cited a “negative political and economic situation” as a reason for its failure, Sky News reports. 475 more words