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It hits you slowly…but when it does it knocks you down. 

Others wake up in the morning, brush their teeth and get dressed. Girls put on make-up, apply eyeliner, put mascara on and get ready.  298 more words



I have never tried blogging before nor do I really know how or what I am doing but I have tried everything else.

I don’t know why writing about my life would interest you or concern you but the reason I am writing is not for you as much as it is for me. 224 more words


66 - Dysthymia

Writing Zest is a little bit of a struggle, so to kind of recharge the batteries, I wrote a new game. It’s called Dysthymia. Using a computer is recommended–it does not play at all well with mobile browsers. 51 more words



Lately, I think I’ve had Dysthymia :/
No one at home understands.
The only problem with it is I only really want to talk to one person.
But they’re not around.

My Life

If Colon Cancer Was Depression

A story about Jane Doe, a woman who lives in a alternate universe who has treatment resistant colon cancer.

Dr. Quack: We have finished all the tests Mrs. 379 more words