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Dyslexia and Me: S is for Socialising

I think I talk a lot about schooling on here and studying! Instead in this blog I am going to discuss socialising and self-esteem. I don’t think people really associate dyslexia with social interaction issues. 1,242 more words


* What is phonemic awareness?

Phonemic awareness refers to the manipulation of individual sounds, of which there are 44 in conventional English (and several more in the Southern US!).  A basic phonemic awareness skill is blending an onset and rime  (a… 117 more words

Special Education

* Blocks used in phonological awareness

I’ve had a question about what I use to assist students in visualizing the manipulation of sounds.  When I do my initial assessment, I use small wooden blocks.  92 more words

Special Education

Dyslexia and Me: Y is for Yawn!

I’ve often been called ‘lazy’ over the years. To a point, I probably am. I do like my bed a lot and I’m not really into exercising (partly because I hate feeling sweaty! 787 more words


10 Things a Parent to a Child with Dyslexia Wishes You Understood

Since discovering that my children have dyslexia, I have been absorbing all of the information about dyslexia that I can possibly find. In the process, I’ve learned so much. 30 more words


Migs and Pig

So. Going to school is upon us again.

Migs is starting, for the first time (yes, I know that’s what starting means), and Jo Hodgkinson shows the reader what a typical first day at school might be like. 116 more words