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Planning a wedding while broken

“Congratulations,” my future stepmom -in-law said, “on being the first people in our families to get married before having kids.”

“They also both have masters.” My future sister in law said helpfully. 1,949 more words

Frankenstein monster

There was an underlying atmosphere at my foster home which felt of depression, weariness, frustration.

Our family seemed like a Frankenstein monster. Each limb and part not quite fitting but stitched together as some mockery of normalcy. 255 more words


Grief: Anniversaries, Distraction, Deflection, Freedom

Monday will be the one-year mark for Mom’s death.

I feel like a twerp for even going on about this, given the hurt and chaos in our actual, living world. 2,198 more words


Safe Lover

Written a while ago… someone special was away… just posting things at random these days , trying to practice ‘Consistency’. I want to be better consistent with my posts, I hope you be a consistent reader too :) 231 more words


Fearful pride and other vices

What do you do when you realize you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life?  How do you move on from that awareness, knowing there’s no going back?  261 more words


Evolving from the Industrial Age to the Regenerative Age | Reality Sandwich

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The Symptoms & Root Causes of Dysfunction in our Society

“Pollution, war, poverty, disease, climate change and destruction of our biosphere are major challenges that threaten the thriving of humankind. 27 more words

Personal Space

Respecting personal space is becoming nonexistent.

Recently while purchasing underwear intimate apparel, during the check out process some old hag a dear little soul wandered up to the counter and parked her creaky little self at my elbow. 232 more words