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Dumpster diving in Philadelphia

OK.  There was no dumpster.  There was a brick walkway between apartment buildings.

And we didn’t dive.  They were in a box on top of the trash can. 99 more words



Hace algunos días descubrí algunas formas de ahorrar dinero mientras estás viajando, tal vez sean inusuales e incluso extrañas pero te vas a sorprender de la cantidad de dinero que puedes ahorrar y de las experiencias que vas a vivir. 300 more words

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What Has Been Up - Misc Pics Post

Wooooow I am rather impressed by my determination to continue writing up posts even when they get deleted upon saving or publishing… This is the second time in a row that WordPress deletes my posts about to be published without any valid reason. 1,512 more words

Three Things Worth Dumpster Diving

Over the past week I have done a bit of dumpster diving.1 You can judge me outright for sticking my hand into other peoples garbage, or you can withhold judgment just long enough to see what cool stuff I got.2… 391 more words


Recent finds.

Recently I have been doing some picking. Around this time of year is when a lot of our neighborhood renters leave and tend to put out things that they either didn’t want or couldn’t take with them. 989 more words


Dumpster Diving Madison WI MOVE OUT DAY


once a year this college town has it’s move out day, August 15th.

this blog post will be like you’ve come along for the adventure but just the fun parts. 774 more words


Another good month!

7/8 – Found 2 11oz. containers of dips, hardly touched – spinach artichoke, and roasted red pepper hummus. ‘Best by’ dates? August 2014. It also suggests that they should be eaten within 5 days of opening. 1,750 more words

Respectable Dumpster Diver