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Crazy little thing called spousal support...

I find it hysterically funny that my ex ass hat can be so completely detached and nonchalant about our current situation until and unless it affects his pocket book. 349 more words


Weird Fact Of The Day 07/25/2014

Contrary to popular belief, Michelle Bachmann does not spout hateful and idiotic things because she is a fervently religious person. She does it because she is an insane, ignorant and blatantly stupid religious person. 17 more words

Weird Fact Of The Day

Weird Fact Of The Day 07/12/2014

It is a proven fact that listening to any amount of hip hop music has been shown to have the following medical side effects.

Nausea… 67 more words

Weird Fact Of The Day

Very Bad Things by Isla Madden-Mills

4 out of 5

New Adult books are very either here or there for me. I have a love hate relationship with them, and this one is no exception. 477 more words

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