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Boyz vs Men(z)

Boyz: Talk a lot about how they don’t play games. With dice in hand.

Men: Don’t.

Boyz: Are aware of even the slightest shift in “power” in relationships. 262 more words

Food-Spot to Fakie: Pigwich Truck

Corey Fisher and I went to grab lunch at Pigwich today. Let’s just start off by saying it is the bomb diggity. Pigwich is the food truck located outside of the Local Pig Charcuterie which is in a primetime spot for us skateboarders as it is about a half mile down the road from the DTF. 304 more words



Dinner with Biola friends at Heroes in Downtown Fullerton.
So good to be reunited with my school friends.
It seems like yesterday when we were shy freshmen that didn’t know anything. 47 more words


Second date doubts

Well, I just left my date with the chef. It went pretty well. I was partly really tired and not feeling well, so towards the end I was kind of exhausted and just wanted to go home. 317 more words


Luring Him In

So, there’s a new guy lurking around. We are going to call him Fisherman. Fisherman and I matched on tinder a week ago. He was sweet and innocent and not exactly what I am looking for as far as a relationship goes, but that’s not what tinder is for, … 291 more words

@AdoreDelano's Music Video Vault

Adore’s recently released, “Hello, I Love You” a song about maybe taking a crush a little too far a little too fast, is quickly jumping up in views but is only 10% of what the two favorites, “I Adore U” and “DTF.” This may have something to do with the fact that she’s touring around the world and sharing the music live and in person so the videos aren’t the only way to see Adore anymore. 48 more words

RuPaul's Drag Race

date me then.

On Friday night, I texted all my friends letting them know that I’d had a long week and needed to drink. Kendra, John, Carly and I were going to a club that none of us had been to so I wanted to look hot/sexy/dtf/etc. 1,046 more words