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Too much information?

Instagram has become an obsession… What was once a place for my food photos has now become an Audrey micro-blog and a place where I am part of a DS community. 411 more words


The eyes are the window to the...

Daddy and I attended the Cirque du Chaos at the Xtasia club (West Brom) yesterday, along with something brilliant like 210 other people (I don’t know exact numbers but that’s my rough guess). 586 more words


My Thoughts...Into the Weekend...8/29-30...Friday and Saturday

Friday, 8/29

¬†After going to sleep so late, I wasn’t expecting to get up until nearly the time to say goodbye to Hubs, before he left for work, and to talk with Sir, so I was really annoyed to be woken by my sister-in-law asking me questions that she could have asked me when she got back from vacation a week ago, or even, God forbid, the night before, when she’d be sure that I was actually awake, not at 630am.¬† 2,142 more words

Adults Only

Steeling myself in Pokemon Diamond

I like to think that the complexity of the gyms in Pokemon Diamond reflects the Game Freak team’s contemporary understanding of how each gym’s type works. 614 more words

Video Games

The Day After Play

So this is my first post on this blog and I think it fits considering how my day was yesterday. First off, Sir and I don’t get to see each other often due to certain circumstances and that hampers our playtime. 253 more words


The One Reason the New Nintendo 3DS Is Going to Crush Competitors

Nintendo unveiled an updated design for its popular handheld system, the 3DS, on August 29. The sleek new version is more powerful and packs a number of incremental improvements like better cameras and screens. 255 more words

Nintendo Unveils the New 3DS

Yesterday, Nintendo announced the new Nintendo 3DS and 3DS LL, which is planned to improve upon the aging 3DS handheld. While the pictures may seem like it is just the old 3DS we have come to know and love, there have been a couple added features that will make the console play and perform better. 166 more words