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GEKKEIKAN: Gensen-Sozai Junmai & Kome To Mizu Junmai





  • 14% alcohol content
  • Full bodied 
  • Dry





As the classification ‘Junmai’ suggests, this crystal clear Sake is heavily influenced by the rice used and has a denser and full-bodied flavour than most premium Sakes. 359 more words


The Clean Side of Dishes

I don’t mind doing dishes.  (Did you ever wonder when we stopped washing dishes and started doing them?  Food for thought.) 

That is, I should say I don’t mind doing dishes… 436 more words

My Experience

How to write DRY SQL in MySQL – Part 2: Stored Procedure Hacks

In Part 1 we looked at using VIEWS to keep our SQL DRY. Unfortunately, there are cases when VIEWS are either not allowed or perform terribly and can’t be optimised.   563 more words


Steptoe Butte State Park, WA

This is the reverse Palouse shot. Captured in late August when most of the fields have been harvested. Winter wheat will dominate the region. 10 more words


August Rain

A shallow well
Is filling with
Bleached promise,
Dry, useless.
Desiccated song,
The static charge
Builds, sparks a
Raspy voiced hymn.
. 12 more words

Bombardier Recreational Products Can-Am Men's X-Race Jersey Jacket Shirt. White or Black. Ultra-Light. Quick Dry. 286300

Save $ 10 order now Bombardier Recreational Products Can-Am Men’s X-Race Jersey Jacket Shirt. White or Black. Ultra-Light. Quick Dry. 286300 at Best Motorcycle Jackets store. 19 more words

My Skincare Routine

For my current skincare routine, I use Mario Badescu products. I use the Orange Cleansing Soap, then the Glycolic Acid Toner, followed by the Buttermilk Moisturizer. 167 more words