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Sci-Fi Terrain -- Buildings

One thing every gamer needs is lots of good terrain. Nice looking terrain enhances the play experience and plentiful, well placed terrain increases tactical options. This is especially the case for skirmish and small scale games. 846 more words


More little plastic guys

The coolest part about the models in DzC, in my opinion, are that they are all true scale–that is, the tanks actually fit in the dropships, and the APC’s are actually big enough that the infantrymen could actually sit inside them.


Little plastic guys

So I didn’t go to GenCon, but it still made me spend $150…


Holy detail, Batman!


Jens' after tournament report part 4 (last part)

This is it, Folks! The last part of Jens’ series. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. I thank him for this series and hope he doesn’t stop there. 780 more words

Swedish Tournaments

Dropzone Commander - AA Unit Analysis I

Unfortunately I’ve been sick all week so there’s been no painting. Next week is also going to be lousy for painting as works sending me to NZ. 772 more words

Dropzone Commander

Dropzone Commander Battle Report - Operation Cyan Rapier: Phase 2

My buddy Stephen and I played our second game of the campaign we have going “Operation Cyan Rapier.” I’ll talk about Phase (game) 1 later, but today’s game was the follow-on from that game in which the UCM managed to successfully extract a Praetorian insertion team that had gone into enemy territory to link up with local Resistance forces. 1,742 more words


Jens' after tournament report part 3

Once more Jens is rocking our world with the third part of his “lessons learned” from Wexio’s tournament. As always please comment to encourage him to continue with this! 1,440 more words

Swedish Tournaments