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Whimsy Week

On writing on whims: The hardest thing to do sometimes is just to write. Making mistakes on my own isn’t shameful or embarrassing, in fact I take pride in fumbling. 346 more words

Stepping Out Series

The Art of F*%king Up.

I just dropped out of school.

I suppose “withdrew from University” is a slightly more palatable way to say it, somehow less shameful or more responsible, but really, let’s use the terms that have the proper weight. 1,089 more words

Drop out

Well I both started and dropped out of an online college course today. Some computer course, mostly Microsoft Office.

I think maybe I’m just not ready, but then I’m not sure I ever will be. 439 more words

Coping with crying mothers

My mother is crying.

I mean, I understand┬ácompletely: I would cry, too, if I were in her place. I’m her eldest child, and I’ve turned out to be the bane of her existence. 660 more words

Who I Am is Who I Be

I dropped out of college at 17 convinced by my Psychology Professor that greater understanding and intelligence could be studied in historical figures but neither learned nor absorbed for ones self. 143 more words


Chiodos Leaves Crowd Surf American Tour Due To Medical Issues

Chiodos has announced that they will not be going on the rest of the Crowd Surf American tour, due to their guitarist having a medical emergency. 127 more words