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Final Fantasy I

Rating: 1/5
Price: £5.49 [Play Store]
Play Rating: 4.0
Tl;dr: Broken, avoid.

Games like Final Fantasy, Zelda, and World of Warcraft have an addictive element to them. 527 more words


M4VGear – Fastest DRM Media Converter for Mac and Windows.

M4VGear DRM Media Converter is an excellent unity to remove DRM protection from your iTunes library.

Nowadays, the Apple iTunes supplies a largest selection of high-quality movies, TV shows and music files in its store to download and watch them only in the Apple devices. 310 more words


I thought the iTunes Music Store is DRM Free

I was under the impression that music bought from the iTunes Music Store was DRM free only up to 5 devices and that if you attempted to add it to more than 5 devices–for example, by giving a playlist to a dozen friends– the songs wouldn’t play. 319 more words


Where DRM Is And Isn't annoying (IMO)

There wasn’t much to bring up this subject recently other than the redesign over at GoodOldGames, but I just realized I never talked extensively about DRM here. 1,525 more words


I would like to blog about x, but it will probably have a dcma'ed link at some point, so i wont.

As a general rule i dont link to youtube content, as one it never works, have an account there (my blog) , and 3 the likely hood that it wont be dcma’ed  by some little hitler so I wont bother you with my musings on a subject… 41 more words

Copyrights And Trademarks

DRM- Can Hierarchy Name Be Changed

DRM- Can Hierarchy Name Be Changed

It is not possible to change a hierarchy name. You can change the hierarchy description but not the name. 51 more words

Hyperion DRM

DRM - How to prevent users from deleting and removing Nodes

In this example, we prevent users removing leaf nodes but not limbs. The logic should be altered to suit requirements.
1. If necessary, create a version, hierarchy and a top node. 214 more words

Hyperion DRM