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The Greatest Drinking Games You'll Ever Play. Even If You're Drinking Alone.

(Well, some of them require other people. Use your imagination.)

In honor of Labor Day (which I totally forgot about until 2 days ago), this post is about drinking. 617 more words

Who Is Alanna?

Drinking games - are they the perfect start to a night out?

Meeting up with some mates for a night out at the weekend brought something back into my life which I thought I had left behind. Drinking games! 257 more words

Practical Magic Drinking Game

All my drinking games are of movies I’ve seen many times.  I was very into this movie in middle school.  I loved all things magic and I liked that this was a little more adult.   92 more words


Reality Bites Drinkalong

If I don’t get a nap today, I’mma be USELESS tonight.  Only one night this week did I manage more than 3 hours of sleep at a stretch, so this should be all kinds of fun, yeah? 236 more words


The Golden Girls Drinking Game

I am not on here to promote drinking.




…Oh, who am I kidding!

If you love a little vino (like me), and also have a love of the Golden Girls (like me), then we should be friends and drink wine and play the Golden Girls drinking game! 208 more words


New York's Drinktivities Take The Booze Out of the Bar

With mere weeks left of summer, the chance to catch some rays and drink Summer Fridays away is slowly fading.

But a few New York establishments are set to make sure the summer never ends, by giving you an excuse to continue to drink in a socially acceptable form all year round. 420 more words

Say Goodbye to Shark Week With This Handy Drinking Game

by: Lynda Green

It’s time to say goodbye to Shark Week. In the spirit of living every week like it’s Shark Week, make the most of the final weekend with this handy drinking game. 147 more words

Shark Week