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Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2014

As the title might suggest, this September, from the 6th to the 21st (yes it’s not quite a fortnight, more 16 days), there is a nationwide celebration of… 604 more words


the Lolly Stick Touched my Tongue

Mmmm! I’m eating a delicious ice- lolly, luxuriating in the chilly pleasure of its sugary and slippery coolness as it melts on my tongue.

I close my eyes and bask in pleasure as it melts while sliding slowly down my throat. 143 more words


It don't matter if you're (long) black or (flat) white

I find myself relying more and more on that caffeine fix. The fuzziness in my head literally will not go away some mornings til I’ve had at least two shots (three is pushing it for me and sends me slightly loopy. 126 more words


Deciduous detox water!

Detox water helps replenish your system and makes you feel light and great!
To make this just slice some lemon, strawberry and orange, put it in some water. 10 more words

A Bar With Me And You

Bit of a ‘stream-of-conciousness’ poem, this one. Flowed out of me (such an image) this evening. Feel free to let me know what you think. … 163 more words


Peacemaker Anytime Ale - 99 Pack| Stay (Very) Thirsty!

Seven feet of beer? Ninety-nine (99) cans for $99? Are these a bunch of words put together or do they make sense? If you’re thirsty and have got a bunch of friends, this might be your answer. 124 more words


Westbrook Mr. Chipper

Westbrook Mr. Chipper

Mount Pleasant, SC

Flanders Red Ale – 6.80% ABV

By: Eric Sturniolo

This Flanders red ale (named from the Flanders region of Belgium) is aged in red wine barrels for 2.5 years. 91 more words