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Nightmare Journal. Entry One

For the past three months I have been having nightmares. Every night. I do not know the cause nor the way to stop them, only that writing them out seems to help. 909 more words


9.2.14 dream haiku

From the mountain’s peak
he sees how all that’s been said
fits together.


DIY Minimalist Dream Catcher

I’ve lately turn into intrigued by dream catchers – and have wanted to take a stab at making my personal version of the classic Native American emblem. 30 more words

Women Ideas


I’m a victim of my own mind. They always appear late at night. Always at the time when I’m tired and all I really want to do is get some sleep. 349 more words

The Visual Conundrum: Reality And Dreams

I started thinking today, as ive been doing a lot recently. When you look at a something in the world you are observing your eyes interpretation of what the world looks like. 170 more words


So i have quite a few video ideas floating around in my head, i would like to say that they are coming soon but the age old “all work and no play” is some what delaying the process! 68 more words

Bang Bang Chicka Waow Giddy Giddy

‘How goes the war?’ said the whistle to the man, who stared forlornly back in reply.
‘How goes the war?’ asked the whistle of the man, who shrugged and walked away. 143 more words