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Dr Oz: regular dose of bull

A part of me says that I should stop blogging about terrible advice given by Dr Oz. I know that I’m largely preaching to the choir. 249 more words

A Critical Look at Dr. Oz's Miracles- Part 1

Dr. Oz – the captivating, charasmatic and convincing surgeon  has won over millions of viewers  who faithfully follow his nutrition advice. I believe Dr. Oz’s intentions are good and he wants to improve the health of Americans. 686 more words

Registered Dietitian

Tis the Season...al Affective Disorder.

I was reminded yesterday that this month begins the “Seasonal Affective Disorder” symptoms, and I have already started to feel them.  If you suspect you have the same thing, here is an article that appeared in the… 378 more words

The Wonderful Wizards of Advertising

Diet products and supplement advertising is really a sordid and manipulative industry.  I have fallen for it with the Wild Rose diet and I bought the Atkins book (he was a doctor wasn’t he?).  572 more words

Reasons To Care About Your Data

Bugs In My Yoplait Berry Yogurt

A few days ago I caught a “Fact or Fiction” segment on “Dr. Oz” that briefly discussed food related myths floating around the internet. One of the superstitions that really caught my attention was “Some berry flavored yogurts and other food products use insect based additives for coloring”. 180 more words


Vandana Shiva: Quack

We’ve already looked at the promotion of pseudoscience to gain wealth and power by Vani Hari “Food Babe,” Mike Adams, and Dr. Oz. On the international scene, there’s an even more dangerous person: … 2,159 more words

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