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Shirt & Jeans

South Village
Charlton and Varick St.

There are days when I thank God that I work in an office environment that allows nice jeans to be worn. 42 more words

Downtown Man

Khaki Suit

Prince and Sullivan St.

A khaki suit is just so perfectly summer even though it still covers you up, aesthetically, it looks so lightweight. It’s also the perfect type of suit to wear to a wedding or formal occasion during the warmer months.

Downtown Man


Hudson Square
Spring and Varick St.

Jewelry is a very personal thing and just like clothing it can be done well or the opposite. I was struck by how this gent placed his rings at the pinky and ring finger. 57 more words

Downtown Man

White V-Neck

Lower East Side
Essex and Rivington

There’s clearly nothing flashy or over the top about this outfit. This is as classic casual as it gets with a simple white v-neck tee, with a grey t-shirt underneath and some solid, loose, but not baggy khakis. 23 more words

Downtown Man

Printed Matter

Canal and Lafayette St.

I tend to be a monochromatic dress by nature, but lately I’ve been dabbling into shirts with subtle prints to create some variety in my wardrobe and find myself seeking prints and patterns more often as opposed to my usual leanings of solid color or plaid. 19 more words

Downtown Man

Shirt Over Shirt

West Broadway and Grand St.

I totally advocate a short sleeve t-shirt underneath an open button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. It’s one of my summer uniforms and favorite ways to layer, with the need for that extra layer for all that hardcore air conditioning and once venturing back out into the heat, you can just wrap it around your waist.

Downtown Man

Band Collar Shirt

Greenwich Village
6th Avenue and Downing St.

A couple of years ago I purchased a vertical and horizontal striped/contrast band collar shirt from a thrift store and had it taken to my tailor. 72 more words

Downtown Man