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Blurb August 31

This Labor Day we will celebrating the holiday in a literal sense. My husband and son will both be working as is the holiday norm for those who work in the hospitality industry. 457 more words


I bought a book scanner that works really well. Its an Epson S-50 double sided scanner with an automatic feeder. It scans very high quality and (so far) its grabbing single sheets correctly. 54 more words


Moving Away and Moving On: The Perfect Time to Start Downsizing

Constantly in life, we are taught that more is somehow inherently better – more clothes, more lines on a resume, more space, more money – the list goes on and on. 736 more words



I look around this house now and see it empty, even though it isn’t, yet. It will be soon. Today is the last big auction for my new auction friends, and soon they’ll get to me. 1,043 more words

Be Here Now

Three more things, gone!

I weeded out three more things to get rid of.
13- a package of (not cheap) tea lights that sputter out and die. I’ve been clinging to these somehow hoping that they’ll get over this nonsense and burn properly. 178 more words


Are we all downsizing?

A New York Times article chronicles the trend of we baby-boomers selling out and hitting the road. (Here’s the article.) I knew I was a cliché (see my post Why women love Paris) and now I’m a quasi member of a movement. 183 more words

The Downsizing Dozen: Make It Stick

As long-suffering followers of this blog have read ad nauseam, I’ve been on the minimalist path for quite some time now, posting one-hit wonders such as… 718 more words