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Majestic Downfall/The Slow Death - Split (Review)

Majestic Downfall are from Mexico and The Slow Death are from Australia. Both play Doom Metal.

This is a much longer split than the norm – 67 minutes in total with each band giving roughly half of that. 429 more words


Earth: Primitive & Deadly 2xLP (red/orange mix)

Ha! Latest album by Earth came today from Southern Lord (love the way how secured they send these packages). I have to admit that within few months I have grown to be a big fan of this band and I have no explanation why I have skipped this band so many times before.. 63 more words

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OMSQ - 'Thrust / Parry'

While listening to this album, I felt less of a listener and more an explorer of some strange, alien world. Here are the relevant reports, dictated within the world of OMSQ: 395 more words


Yob and Pallbearer - UK tour incoming!

We Must Obey will be attending the Yob + Pallbearer tour when it lands in the UK a week from today, and right now is clearly a great time to be a fan of either band with new releases abound! 344 more words



I’ve been playing bass in bands for the better part of the last 10 years. Some of were bad. Some were really bad. Most were a lot of fun.  300 more words



The Yąnomamö, a people indigenous to South America, are known primarily for two things: a history of violence, and their funeral rites involving the eating of the dead. 482 more words


Life Lessons from Video Games: Every Day Video Game Influences

Video gaming has affected modern culture in strange ways. Many of the more recent ways spring from online/multiplayer culture, but surprisingly the games I grew up with, the ones from the 80s and 90s, have had a lingering effect. 575 more words

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