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Tried to Go Swimming! - Day 80 - 0kms

Total distance so far: 11504kms

It was eventually time to wake up as we got out of bed at 1:00pm. Ian and Max recovering from the wedding the night before and myself still suffering through full blown Malaria, in a non Malaria area. 389 more words

'Scundered' Parents Made Children Queue Outside School For Four Days Before Opening

Several parents in Brocagh have admitted they were at the end of their tether with the summer holidays after it emerged they made their children camp outside the gates of their local primary school since Monday for the opening today. 261 more words


D-I-Y: More Altered Dominoes

I bought an additional dozen set of dominoes. Last Saturday, Husband and I searched for the stall where my dad bought them for Php25 each in Divisoria but we couldn’t find it. 504 more words

Creative Chaos

Guinness World Record - Largest Domino 3D Pyramid (27x27)

This video was embedded from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ90I23stj0

YouTube Channel: DominoProduktion


Edited by http://austriandominoart.com

The most dominoes toppled in a 3D pyramid was 13,486, achieved by Sinners Domino Entertainment ( 93 more words


Tuesday Today .14

Playing this:

I have been really enjoying playing this game. Leveling up, the animation, and lots to do! Valitharian Arc 2 

Cooking This:

Homemade Corn Tortillas! 150 more words

Cardinal Double Nine Color Dot Dominoes in Color Collectors Tin

A good game of dominoes helps you to relax and to clear the mind, so why not enjoy a game or two using these double Mexican train dominoes from Cardinal. 35 more words

Pizza Mogul: most delicious app ever??

And now for the most ludicrous news of all time: regular Aussies just like you and me are earning thousands of dollars a week just for sitting on the couch and playing on their smart phones… What?! 359 more words

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