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Where and how does nostalgia hit you? 

For me, it happens anywhere all the time. Some days I think I am doing EXCELLENT, and I am singing out loud in my car driving home (my new home…) and all of a sudden a I see a street sign that has the name “Sheila” which was my NYC name; his was Saul.  743 more words



This weekend was the first weekend that I was able to call a “Romina” weekend. It has been almost two years since Ive had one, it has felt strange. 217 more words


You are not alone.

Are you caught up in domestic abuse or violence? Do you feel alone, and like nobody will believe or understand you? Then know that you are not the only one, and you CAN reach out. 206 more words

Domestic Abuse

Layout lettering

Finally started to get round to lettering my comic. It’s been a while in the waiting but it’s progressing nicely.

I decided to letter it on separate layout paper so I can figure out the best placement and typeface for each bit of dialogue without ruining the final inked artwork. 32 more words


Guest Post: Empowering Ourselves to Overcome Abuse

Happy Labor Day, Monday! I just wanted to sleep in this morning because the weather in Illinois is teasing me into a peaceful day of slumber and relaxation, but duty calls and I’m preparing for whatever the day might bring. 1,087 more words

Women Motivation

Unlocking Someone Else's Prison

I have exposed my abuser. Why? I have spoken of my experiences. Why?

Because I cannot and will not tolerate Domestic Abuse being brushed under the carpet. 460 more words


Running Away

The old cogs have been turning in my brain after the news story over the last few days regarding Ashya King and his parents decision to leave the hospital with their son and travel abroad. 801 more words