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Ex: Expected Value

This video explains how to completed the expect value of a game.

III. Algebra Videos

Forex trading

So what is is Forex trading you may ask? Forex is the exchange you can buy and sell currencies. For example, you might buy British pounds (by exchanging them to the dollars you had), then, after pounds / dollar ratio goes up, you sell pounds and buy dollars again. 345 more words


Why Savers are Losers

We have all heard the advice of saving our money right?  It can be solid advice at times but what if I told you that people who save money actual lose?   388 more words

Insurance Company Profits

One of the biggest frauds perpetrated on Americans is the insurance companies justification of their need to increase premiums. Insurance companies have continued to reduce their share of premium dollars spent on actual medical care while using the money for marketing, underwriting, overhead, administrative costs and huge CEO salaries. 234 more words


Viral Video: Taco Bell's "Eleven Everlasting Dollars" Contest Commercial

Taco Bell is giving 11 people free Taco Bell for LIFE!

Taco Bell is handing out regular dollar bills in 11 stores over the next 11 days, and then they’re posting the serial numbers online. 37 more words


Unley Oval to have fixed fence.

By eight votes to four, Unley Council has agreed to the erection of a permanent picket fence around the playing area of the Unley Oval…a move which I believe will be the percursor of an eventual move for a permanent perimeter fence and the bad old days of Sturt Football Club having control of the city’s best-loved and most-used open space.. 334 more words


Urban Myth: The final curtain.

Unley-based Urban Myth, which has been a feature of the city for more than three decades, is bringing down the curtain… victim of rising running costs since a somewhat (in Grumpy’s opinion) unwise  defection from its long-time “Village Green” home to more spacious and certainly more expensive premises on Goodwood Road. 64 more words