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Settling In

As I am writing this, my roommate is listening to Nicki Minaj on her bed from her laptop. We’re both wrapped up in blankets with the AC blasting. 127 more words


Audio Hero LVL 2 - Achievement Unlocked!

I know, I have been slacking. Diligently working on audio files but not blogging. Shame shame shame. But not to worry, I shall make amends… 629 more words

Life is...

“Life is other people. It’s just that simple… and if you view each of the other(s) that you meet as being a component of yourself, it can change the way you see things.” – Clyde KuemmerleThe Human Experience



Demolition Job August 31, 2014

Paolo Bediones will try to dissect, refute and prove certain commonly known facts in Demolition Job.

Pinoy TV Show | Tambayan

from Blogger Demolition Job August 31, 2014


MOVIE: Bound by Flesh (2012)

This fascinating documentary uses the true story of the Hilton Sisters, famous conjoined twins from the early 20th century, as the framework for a presentation on the history of “freak shows” in America. 717 more words

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