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"Don't scream like that, you're scaring the other patients!"

“Don’t scream like that, you’re scaring the other patients!”

Angrily hissed by an female OB/Gyn, referring to the adjoined waiting room. The patient was a teenager who had consulted the doctor with a painful vulvar abscess. 32 more words

Doctor's Office

The Waiting Room

Have you ever been to see the doctor?  When you are young, or if you work for a company that gives incentives for healthy living, then you have been for an annual check up or physical.   926 more words

Old Testament

At the Doctor's Office

At the doctor’s office
Warm earth tones
And serene posters
Try to distract you
From the intrusive instruments
Waiting to poke and prod
Muzak is playing… 88 more words

Why would you want to wait...?

“Why would you want to wait? You don’t want to end up like my last patient, who tried the route with the pills and ended up having a D&C anyway, do you?” 67 more words

Doctor's Office

To Wait

It was too early in the morning for the sun to light the sky. Pre-dawn dimmness scratched its paws on my window and the violent pain shooting from my leg startled me from my sleep. 155 more words

Spilled Ink

Day 207 - Something's Off...

Of the 3 exam rooms I have been stuck waiting in in this clinic ALL THREE have had upside down emergency escape plans. It’s concerning.


Kiss That Baby Picture Goodbye

Things ain’t like they used to be, especially in medicine. And now comes the latest example of bureaucracy gone wild. You know those cute collages of baby pictures in your doctor’s office? 285 more words