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New teacher Danny Pink joins Doctor Who: 5 memorable teachers from the show

Back in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, the Time Lord’s companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, had become a teacher. 430 more words


Moffat Promises Campest Daleks Ever

Steven Moffat has promised to counteract the darker tone and central performance of Doctor Who with the campest Daleks the show has yet seen on screen. 343 more words


Samuel Anderson makes Doctor Who debut as Danny Pink in new 'Into The Dalek' preview clip

Samuel Anderson makes his Doctor Who debut in a newly released preview of tomorrow night’s episode. 36 more words


Her Universe Doctor Who Outfits

With the return of Doctor Who to the airwaves, nerd clothier HerUniverse has added several new looks to their Doctor Who apparel line up. Since they have been big proponents of getting respect for the fashion cosplay industry–going to far as to be the main sponsor of the SDCC fashion show–I thought we’d take a look at their offerings. 416 more words


How to Fix Doctor Who: Deep Breath

(Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead)

This episode is so uneven, like a miniature version of Moffat’s tenure at Doctor Who. There are some brilliant ideas – having the Doctor bring a dinosaur along for the ride after it swallowed the Tardis – and some utterly daft ones – who wants to see an older man flail about in a nightgown? 306 more words


Cast Catch-up: The New Series Doctors of 'Doctor Who'

With the newest Doctor – Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor – primed to hit our screens later this month, now is as good a time as any to look at what the previous three Doctors in the revived Doctor Who have been up to since leaving the show. 613 more words


Entertainment Geekly: 'Doctor Who' is the saddest show on television

Those people down there. They’re never small to me. Don’t make assumptions about how far I will go to protect them, because I’ve already come a very long way. 1,773 more words