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PDCA - Deming's Cycle

In 1950s Deming proposed the plan of PDCA which has been found by his guru and mentor Shewak. Plan Do Check Act called as Deming’s cycle and Shewak’s cycle. 199 more words


Two Kinds of Schools - What does a "good instructor" look like?

Of course this is a gross simplification but the point is there. Both types are much better than the other common type of instructor, the one who constantly seeks self aggrandizement. 431 more words

Martial Arts

The art of collage

Collage is perhaps my favorite creative outlet other than drawing house floor plans, painting, piano, dance and photography. It is a way to fangirl and make the beautiful detachment of the photos in your favorite mags tangible and traceable to you. 533 more words


5 Things Girls Do Before They Have Sex With You

I imagine that preparing for highly anticipated sex is a lot like planning a fancy dinner party. I don’t cook, so I may never test the validity of that hypothesis, but both involve a lot of painstaking planning, timing, and meticulous work. 937 more words

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sand + water

We made it to the beach, and we soaked up what is left of the summer.  The optimist in me thinks we should be able to squeeze at least one more visit if we try hard enough.   127 more words


Waiting to Live

“When I earn more money, I am going to give more, do more, and be more…” This may not be a phrase you say out loud, but it is often a thought process that people have. 452 more words

Ministry Sauce

It's Time to Get Up

The morning started

while I was still asleep

A courtesy…. no doubt

while under the eyelids

I am making plans

items I will change

another breakfast with Satie… 49 more words