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Zed urges Vatican Synod for sympathetic look at marriage laws

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Hindu religious figure Rajan Zed is urging the upcoming October Synod of Bishops at Vatican to exhaustively re-look into the Church marriage laws to make these more relevant to the contemporary society. 286 more words


Divorce, stubbornness, controlling behavior

On this talk show:  The men answer tough listener questions, such as the acceptable reasons for divorce…what to do if you have a problem with stubbornness…and what to do if you have been told you are a controlling husband… 12 more words


The Truth About Divorce


I was once happily married…my spouse wasn’t, on the other hand.

Sadly enough, we became a statistic.  We are not, nor will we ever be the only ones. 260 more words

Diedra Perry

Dream a Little Dream

I dream prophetic. Pretty cool, eh?

Not exactly.

Thursday night I dreamed a little dream, a variation of a recurring, if pleasant, nighttime fantasy where I own a dude ranch in California that caters to the rich and famous. 201 more words

Brian Doyle, Irreconcilable Dissonance

I have been married once to the woman to whom I am still married, so far, and one thing I have noticed about being married is that it makes you a lot more attentive to divorce, which used to seem like something that happened to other people, but doesn’t anymore, because of course every marriage is pregnant with divorce, and also now I know a lot of people who are divorced, or are about to be, or are somewhere in between those poles, for which shadowy status there should be words like “mivorced” or “darried” or “sleeperated” or “schleperated,” but there aren’t, so far. 989 more words

Report: Rep. Sanford's ex-wife files new legal complaint

Rep. Mark Sanford’s ex-wife is back in court, reportedly demanding the congressman take anger management classes and undergo psych evaluations.

WCSC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Charleston, reported the details of… 177 more words


Loneliness and daffodils

I was struck by loneliness a few days ago.

Loneliness is something that comes and goes for me. It was intense when my husband first left me. 571 more words