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Chiz Escudero and the Right to Remarry

The promise made during wedding vows – “Till Death Do Us Part” – is truer in the Philippines than the rest of the world. Indeed, a Filipino, can only remarry if one of these situations occur: (1) death; (2) presumptive death; (3) divorce obtained by a non-Filipino spouse; and finally,  (4)  defective marriages. 693 more words


The Book I Read

I’m writing ’bout the
Book I read
I have to sing about the
Book I read
I’m embarrassed to admit it hit the soft spot in my heart… 334 more words


Norse Women: What Happens After

The fifth and final part of the Norse Women Miniseries.

(Note, adult circumstances are mentioned in this posting.)

Gerda’s life was all that it could be once she was wed. 872 more words