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Custody Attorney Can Be the Real Hero In a Custody Battle

Your divorce lawyer has done the job. You have finally won the verdict in your favor and are free from the burden of a relationship that you did not want to carry around anymore. 332 more words

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Why hire a lawyer for a high net worth divorce?

Divorce cases are almost always associated with alimony settlements, unless otherwise the receiver spouse denies for any payments and is sufficiently empowered to take care of oneself. 431 more words


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Most people who have their home on the market are interested in selling the home as quickly as possible. They may not jump on the first opportunity to sell the home if they are offered a low price, but if they are offered something that they think is fair, they are likely to want to get rid of their home as quickly as possible. 247 more words

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When This Domestic Violence Has Ended?

In this developing world, people have changed their preferences. They become very high Tec, social, raise their living style, etc. But after having advancement in their life, they are still low in their minds. 304 more words

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Child Custody Law - For the Better Future of the Child

At the time of the divorce, the court also decides the guardian for the child. If the child is less than 18 years, then the court takes decision according to the proof, where the child will live. 300 more words

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Enlist the Help of Divorce Lawyers for a Hassle Free Separation

With the stress of job and a hectic lifestyle, it is quite common to hear of couples divorcing. Personal differences that emerge on account of a busy lifestyle and career choices are among the leading causes of divorce among married couples. 387 more words

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