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An Intro of Sorts

I have always wanted to blog.  I have started many blogs over the years only to have them fall by the wayside.  I just never seemed to have anything interesting to talk about.   239 more words


Life after divorce. Wait, what's my name?

I decided to get divorced. I ended my marriage to a man I started dating when I was 16. We were married when I was 18 and at 29, well, I’m still not divorced yet. 294 more words


You can keep it, and you can shove it!

Something kind of big happened this week: I accepted my soon to be ex’s proposal for the dividing up of our marital assets. Once the proposal is signed by the both of us, I’m hoping that means no more court dates, and hopefully no more fighting. 619 more words



The boat has sunk. It wasn’t seaworthy for a long time but it still floated even years after it should have just allowed inevitable things to happen. 211 more words


Rags Over Riches

Throw me rags over riches
Cast me poverty less strife
I’ll give peace and understanding
And won’t twist in the knife

I’ll call on strength; resilience… 93 more words


The Court of Public Opinion

The Court of Public Opinion

Pubic opinion is a funny thing. When you have celebrity, public opinion can make or break you. It can paint you as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it can also demonize you beyond repair, and nothing about public opinion approaches the truth. 885 more words


Crazy Women

Alright fellas, this one’s for you. You’ve been right all along…women are crazy! All women have a spoon full of something men don’t comprehend (some have a whole bucket full), which is often labeled “crazy.” While most of us aren’t certifiable all the time, if ever there was a chance to send a woman off the deep end, it’s during divorce. 511 more words