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Denial of Service Attacks on the Rise

These days, you don’t have to be a an evil genius of a hacker to bring down a website. In fact, the recent cyber-attack on Sony’s Playstation Network is a good example of this. 200 more words


Docker, Distributed Systems, and Why it Matters to Magento (Part 2)

In Part 1 I talked about the reasons behind why I believe a Docker based distributed Magento installation makes sense. In this post I continue with how it could work and some of the problems to overcome. 1,090 more words


Modes of Learning

Even though I’m a university-level teacher, I’ve not had must formal education on education. It bothers me quite a bit that, despite I’m a educator by trade, I don’t have to take a series of classes on teaching. 308 more words

#HotStartups Working On Bitcoin Blockchain Applications

Bitcoin has been famous for its currency value. People have made bets with outcomes of profits or losses. Bitcoin-based startups are accepting bitcoins as funding in exchange of equity. 933 more words


Web Services Theory Part

Distributed Computing:

  1. Co-operation of two or more machines communicating over the network. Machines can be present on local network or different locations; it can be either personal computer to super computer.
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Web Services

Artistic Leadership Adventure #1: Storified

I’m just back from three weeks of European travel as the first of my Artistic Leadership adventures. I blogged all along the journey about models of leadership at:  74 more words


Arrêt sur Images: Eric Hattan and Severin Kuhn

Since 2009, R&Art has presented a summertime work which offers an artist the rare opportunity to take the entire alpine village of Vercorin as starting point, inspiration and canvas. 881 more words