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On Writing: Determination and Distraction

Some of you may have seen my Twitter pic or my LiveJournal post last night regarding “the Return of the Whiteboard Writing Schedule.”  A few years back I bought one of those erasable whiteboards that has a calendar grid on it and stuck it on the wall, eye-level, in front of my desk.  825 more words


Signs That You Are Distracted Easily

Some of us just cannot pay attention. No matter
how interesting the topic is, it’s just a matter of
time before we zone out and are lost in our own… 432 more words


Cutest of the week: a vault of puppies

Have you ever thought of a basket of puppies? Sounds pretty great, right? For this week’s “Cutest of the Week,” coming from the Pet Collective, this basket seems to be more of a neverending vault of maltese puppies, and it’s a pretty wonderful thing. Enjoy!


Music Madness

In the last few weeks, I’ve begun to listen to music more whilst going about my daily routine, and I’ve found it really helpful in distracting my mind from negative thoughts. 334 more words


Last night, my family and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy a pub like dinner.  While we were there – the place was PACKED; full of people wearing football jerseys.  849 more words


Michael Sam, Peter King, and the NFL's Cowardice

Peter King is just the worst. He’s a classic example of a writer selling his journalistic integrity for access and “inside” info, all for the price of carrying the National Football League’s water and holding then up as a shining beacon, and not a corporate black hole more concerned with profit than the game itself. 712 more words

Ranty Rants

Ocular Distencion

An image ahead, tickles my pupils

I trick them ahead, bending few scruples

Luring myself on, till I forget I’m a pawn,

In my own little game, in this matchwork of doodles… 83 more words