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when there is a blatant lie , an obvious distortion on truth should be ~ henri barbusse~


Distortion and Deletion always beyond what you see, what you have been touched … …

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#songoftheday: Link Wray & His Ray Men - Rumble

Not only is this one of the most influential rock songs of all time, but it’s also one of the first uses of the power chord.


The Purpose of Mimicry is to Discredit

The tactic of mimicry occurs in two areas. In real life and on the internet.

I will confine my examples to my own experience. Other Targets will have their own experiences which can amplify these tactics in practice. 738 more words

Winding map and local injectivity

The winding map is a humble example that is conjectured to be extremal in a long-standing open problem. Its planar version is defined in polar coordinates by… 312 more words


Distortion & critical Listening : Episode 2 Effects edition,

This article will cover the most widely used effects used on guitars with listnable audio to clearly hear and to exercise your “critical listening skills” to fine tune your hearing to know the different effects and the different sounds that they make. 719 more words

Critical Listening

Distortion & critical Listening: Episode 1

Distortion is anything that can distort the original or desired sound. for example Bouncing a high definition recording of sound into a MP3 File to upload online is a form of distortion because much of the original sound is not there anymore. 631 more words

Critical Listening