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Through the Fire

Hawk Nelson – Through the Fire – Lyrics: http://youtu.be/1869VLh61x4

Rous sent me this today and said he feels like it’s exactly how I’m feeling. If there’s one song to describe it, it’s this one.

Day 3: Dying to be Thin

Today in my adolescent psych class, it was brought to my attention that there is a recent movement regarding the promotion of eating disorders. Typically called “pro-ana” (anorexia) or “pro-mia” (bulimia), this movement is an outpouring of information about how to get away with an eating disorder. 323 more words


World Population

Our poor little planet is becoming seriously overcrowded and it’s causing some really serious new challenges for our health. The population explosion is putting unprecedented strain on our environment and impacting severely on our health. 85 more words

Current World Population

War is Insane!

Faith in war is beyond any measurable superstition. The results show, to our surprise, that anything we declare war against responds with an equal and opposite reaction. 58 more words


Arteriosclerosis – is it just a cholesterol disease?

Arteriosclerosis – is it just a cholesterol disease?

Statins are one of the most frequently prescribed drug groups in the world. The basis of their use is the presence of atherosclerosis; a build-up of a fatty plaque inside the arteries. 8,831 more words

Leaf Spot & Dry Pastures

We were looking at a pasture in Boston last week that was needing to be cut. It turned out it was just really dry in some spots and needing some rain. 121 more words


A new journey begins......

January 2014

Besides air and water, food is critical for our survival. It’s something we consume several times a day, it’s a big part of our social life and celebrations and yet most times we are confused about food itself! 326 more words