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Friends are for Facebook

There’s a photo of me on Facebook, smiling happily with three of my friends. I’m on the end. It’s a little blurry, somewhat grainy, and one of us may or may not be holding a glass of wine. 838 more words

Discovering Me

A for Asexual

Officially moved into my dorm room, and started my third year of classes today. It scares me, but I’m so glad to be back where I feel more at home.  404 more words


No Cucumbers Today

My favorite Hebrew word is melafefon. It means cucumber. An exotic-sounding, complicated, delicious mouthful of a word for such a plain and greenly simple vegetable. 738 more words

Discovering Me

349. Instagram / Alcoholics Anonymous

A little more than a week ago, I got myself an Instagram account. Because we all need to stay updated on the most current trends in social networking in order to avoid looking like a total dork. 542 more words

Life And Times

A little lesson from Shawshank Redemption

I love the Shawshank Redemption and have watched it many times before, but this last time, something Andy said actually stuck with me. It was right after he did his 2 months in the box and he was talking to Red, he said “It is time to get busy living or get busy dying”. 168 more words

Things I Love

What I Never Imagined…

We came to Israel this summer to celebrate.

And for many other reasons too: because our kids had never been and we wanted to show them the land of their people, because we love beach vacations and no matter where you are in Israel you’re seldom further than an hour from an incredible beach, because the food is amazing (never mind the shwarma and falafel, even frozen schnitzel and french fries are delicious here – especially if you eat them on the beach!), because you can kayak down the Jordan river and ride a wobbly camel in the Judaean desert, buy fragrant spices and the freshest challah at the bustling Middle Eastern market in Jerusalem and find the most exquisite shoes at the beautiful mall just steps away, because Israel grabs you by all five of your senses and never lets go… 649 more words

Discovering Me

Who am I?

Cups of coffee today: 3
Episodes of series watched: 4 and counting
Productive things done: 2
Fitness level: -10

I have been toying with the idea of cancelling my blog and giving up the whole thing, but then I decided I like Kaleidoscopic Chameleon and the theme, but I still wanted to start fresh and new. 363 more words

Discovering Me