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There is no such thing as bad news

‘There is no such thing as bad news.’ By this I mean generally – day to day – when you hear negative comments about you and they can instantly ruin your day but there is something most of us don’t realise. 213 more words

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Love Today

So this is an interest poll. Please comment your opinions, stories, perspectives, etc!

This is the epitome of a “Maybe Monday!” Maybe, I’ll write a book! 128 more words

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The Awakening

Disclaimer: This work was submitted as a graded assignment through Turnitin.com. So basically, It’s going to be really hard to take anything from it unless you reference me! 542 more words

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Discovery #48

***made up lyrics to this mudder tuckin tuune***

I pinch myself

To sleep.




Black widow spider. Closure

Matrix ant.  Krump pump exXXploSioN. 25 more words




This is something new.
It fell into my lap.
Or I plucked it from a branch.
One of the two.
Or both.

It shines. 173 more words


Another chapter

Every day can be a challenge – if we want it to be. ‘Life is what you make it’ and it literally is.

At this moment in my life, for example, I am starting a new chapter, a whole new lifestyle. 225 more words

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Lots of thinking and analyzing my crazy personal life gave me a lovely headache. I’ve always known I’m thinking too much. Is it possible to stop thinking? 226 more words

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