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On Injuries

Injuries are no fun. They hurt. They limit our effectiveness in some areas. Many times, they take a good long while to heal. Injuries can, however, help us discover interesting things. 302 more words


Scientific Discoveries... On a Friday!


Hey guys! Apologies for this being a day late but I’ve been doing research on lemurs! But here is my round up of the week’s most interesting science news!  276 more words

Found it!

We bought our house six years ago. When it was originally built and landscaped (some 11 or 12 years before we bought it) it was apparently a showpiece, but subsequent owners lost control of the garden and it was pretty overgrown in some areas when we got it (there are lots of places that have the potential to be overgrown in an acre and a half). 174 more words

Our Yard

Best Vacation Destinations In Montreal & Quebec

It’s been a while since I said in my first-ever Canada post that I would make a list of all the best restaurants and attractions to see in each location for anyone who’s planning their own trip in the future, or just wants to know what there is to see in Canada. 718 more words


Trader Joe's

I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time a few days ago and it was amazing. Just the place I was looking for to get the… 121 more words



Sitting in my English 101 class yesterday we were discussing an article about “Claiming an Education”. At the time of class I did not have it read so I was kind of lost on the subject. 470 more words