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Using "You" in Composition

As an English professor, anytime a student employs the use of second person, I cringe.  How many times must I tell them not to use “you.”  I read lines in argument papers that crash into the concepts of Academic Discourse, “The character is unsettled because when you leave home you feel feelings of guilt.”  I do?  431 more words


dialogues of exchange: foucault and said

When Edward Said wrote how Orientalism was “greatly indebted” to Michel Foucault, I didn’t realize the extent until reading Foucault’s “Orders of Discourse”. Said’s definition of Orientalism as a discourse comes directly from Foucault.   1,051 more words

Fashion On The Offensive

Fashion as ‘art’ is often discredited. It’s critics bemoan its a shallow, tactless business, full of bourgeois asswipes making serious coin by exploiting our insecurities and the shoddy labour laws of the developing world. 439 more words

American Apparel

Ferguson and the Real Race War

I’ve posted stuff from Bill Whittle before, and he says things much better than I can, so I’ll do so again.  Enjoy.

History 101

NBA Confab: Gov Uduaghan Blames Nigeria's Woes on Anger *As Gowon, Tambuwal, Rochas Proffer Solutions

DELTA State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan has described anger as the greatest challenge facing Nigeria as a nation.

Speaking on the topic, ” Nigeria’s Biggest Problem: Corruption or Impunity?” Governor Uduaghan stated that while corruption and impunity were part of the problems of Nigeria, the greatest challenge facing the country was anger. 348 more words


Religion Vs. Faith, Part 2: Faith

Faith: the belief in and the observance of that which remains unseen. The practice of spiritual precepts, changing one’s heart and soul for the better; thus hoping for the future betterment of all mankind. 863 more words