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Church Renewal: Give Up The Old Wineskins

Last year the Christian Chronicle, a monthly newspaper for the Churches of Christ, ran an article on the Bar Church of Abilene, Texas that the Southern Hills Church of Christ helped plant. 1,182 more words


Oikos 101: Spiritual Formation Requires Community

So far, we’ve talked about the two passages Oikos is founded on: Matthew 28:18-20 and Romans 8:28-29. These texts call us into a process of spiritual formation in which we follow Jesus, learning his way of life, and God forms us in Christ-likeness. 989 more words

8th & Harrison Church Of Christ

We live before the harvest

Welcome to the Sowing for Eternity Blog! This is your one-stop for the latest in what God is doing in the Dominican Republic and beyond. 66 more words

Church Planting

Elephant in the Church

The new form of deism is particularly distressing because churches have aided in its spread. LifeWay Resarch president Ed Stetzer, recently noted,

The elephant in the Christian church today is that we are not seeing robust disciple-making taking place.

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All We Really Need To Know

The fact is, of course, that the New Testament never promises anyone a life of psychological wholeness or offers a guarantee of the consumer’s satisfaction with Christ. 155 more words


VIDEO I'm a Child of the King

Dec 31, 2009

Have you claimed your royal heritage?

A Life of Pure and Holy Sacrifice

He who believes in Me . . . out of his heart will flow . . . —John 7:38

Jesus did not say, “He who believes in Me will realize all the blessings of the fullness of God,” but, in essence, “He who believes in Me will have everything he receives escape out of him.” Our Lord’s teaching was always anti-self-realization. 305 more words