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Dear Atheists, William Lane Craig Doesn’t Win Debates through “tricks.”

from Pastor Matt

I had an unfortunately futile back and forth with an atheist over the last few days.  He took the Sam Harris’ view that objective morality can be established by scientifically establishing “human flourishing.”  When I pointed him to the debate Harris lost to William Lane Craig over this topic and linked to the debate, he responded that, while Craig is brilliant, he wins these exchanges with atheists through “debate tricks.” 545 more words


Make the fruit of the Spirit—joy—flourish in our lives

Father, it is a great comfort to us that you and your Son are never glib and never gloomy. We delight in the truth that you can be infinitely happy without being callous to our pain. 218 more words


Solid September: Searching And Strengthening For The Spiritual Sojourn

Today sees the end of the transfer window in football here in England.

I knew you’d be ecstatic to hear it. For the uninitiated, from July to today football clubs have the chance to strengthen their sides by buying and selling players. 320 more words

Jesus Christ

Discipleship Sermon Excerpts

As we renew our mission to being Disciples of Christ, here are a few discipleship quotes to prayerfully consider from a year’s worth of sermons. 1,880 more words

Just A Thought

Life! In All Its Fullness

Jenny and I had a wonderful two weeks in Japan despite the heat and humidity, because of course, it is the middle of summer there in August. 192 more words


What is the greatest threat facing mankind?

found at Already Not Yet

Sam Storms:

What is the greatest threat facing mankind? Many would say it is climate change, while others would point to the increasing presence of radical Islamic fundamentalism. 378 more words


Jesus Cares About Your Words

by J.A. Medders

Jesus is Lord over all. And as the Cosmic Emperor, he reigns over Neptune, pinwheel galaxies, birds, blades of grass, and our words. 151 more words